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How to change your WordPress Permalink Structure

Today I sat down to modify the permalink structure for this web site. The URLs for this blog used to include the /YYYY/MM/ date parts in them, and until recently, I never really gave them much thought except to think that it was sometimes interesting. Continue reading

Class ‘HttpResponse’ Not Found

After I “upgraded” Fedora (to Fedora 19) on my main PC recently, I only had one other essential post-installation task to complete before I could get back to my regular programming on this machine. I just had to install the pecl_http PHP extension next. Continue reading

Control the TV Volume with your Astro Remote Controller

When you have set your Astro Remote Controller to also control your television, you will be able to control the basic functions of your TV with your Astro Remote Controller, which is quite convenient. But if you don’t do it properly, you will not be able to use it to control the volume of your TV! Continue reading

Is MySQL Up?

These days I’m trying to develop a BASH script to help me copy quickly my MySQL database from my (live) remote site straight into my PC, where I do all my development work. Right at the top of the script I was writing, I needed a way for the script to figure out if the (development PC‘s) MySQL server (mysqld) was already started and running. And if not, to let me know. Continue reading