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A computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized web service in a network.

How to change your WordPress Permalink Structure

Today I sat down to modify the permalink structure for this web site. The URLs for this blog used to include the /YYYY/MM/ date parts in them, and until recently, I never really gave them much thought except to think that it was sometimes interesting. Continue reading

Class ‘HttpResponse’ Not Found

After I “upgraded” Fedora (to Fedora 19) on my main PC recently, I only had one other essential post-installation task to complete before I could get back to my regular programming on this machine. I just had to install the pecl_http PHP extension next. Continue reading

Configuring iptables for Webmin Servers Index Module

Earlier today I implemented stricter iptables rules on this web server – finally completing one essential task I have been ignoring for so long. Minutes later, just when I was beginning to feel good about myself, on a remote server some place else, the Webmin System and Server Status module there was reporting that it could no longer access this server!

Damn. Continue reading