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How to change your WordPress Permalink Structure

Today I sat down to modify the permalink structure for this web site. The URLs for this blog used to include the /YYYY/MM/ date parts in them, and until recently, I never really gave them much thought except to think that it was sometimes interesting. Continue reading

GIDApp Homepage Redesign

Over the past few days, I have been redesigning the homepage of GIDApp.com. Instead of creating a separate design for mobile devices and then another for regular desktop PCs, this time I decided to simply develop one layout for the web site (a responsive design with CSS) that will work with any device, at any screen size. Well, at least that is the plan… Continue reading

GIDApp No. 2

For my second Android™ project/application, which will remain unnamed for the moment, I will first need to gather some historical data from more than a couple of local (Malaysian) web sites. Some of this publicly available data go back as far as as 1985! It is insane to even contemplate fetching all this data by hand and so I had to come up with some kind of software to help me do that easily and quickly. Continue reading