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2020 Malaysia 4D Special Draw Schedule

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Recently, during his Budget 2020 speech, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said Number Forecast Operators (NFOs) special draws will be reduced to eight times a year.

Here are the list of 8 dates for all the Tuesday 4D Special Draws in Malaysia in 2020.

January21 Jan 2020
28 Jan 2020
February04 Feb 2020
April07 April 2020
July07 July 2020
September01 Sep 2020
November03 Nov 2020
December01 Dec 2020

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13 replies on “2020 Malaysia 4D Special Draw Schedule”

Should limit the operator to conduct one draw each on a certain day of the week.
Ezample Magnum of Sunday, Damacai Saturday and TOTO on Wednesday.
Yes do away with special draws.

Magnum, Toto and Da Ma Cai should have share the same shop so that easier for the punters to buy their numbers. These 3 companies at the same time can save the rental costs

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