Astro IPTV and Maxis Home Fibre

A couple of days ago, they came to install Astro B.yond IPTV and Maxis Home Fibre Internet in my home here in Malaysia. Astro‘s current promotion also offered me a choice of 3 different Internet connection speeds to choose from i.e. 10Mb/s, 20Mb/s or 30Mb/s. I settled for the smallest one at 10Mb/s, which is sufficient for me.

First Impressions: Very (VERY) Disappointing

IMG_20130621_144803 Going from a 1Mb/second regular broadband connection to a 10Mb/second high-speed broadband connection, I was prepared to be easily impressed by fast-loading online audio and videos. But as the hours passed, I noticed that even web pages were only loading slightly faster than usual – certainly not the blazingly-fast Internet connection that I was expecting!

Right off the bat, I can already tell you now, despite what it says on the box, what I have today is NOT a 10Mb/second Internet connection. Not even close.

Yes, if you take their speed test, it will nearly always tell you that you are enjoying a 10Mb/second Internet connection (or close to it), but in reality, as the reports below will also show us, nothing could be further from the truth.

Actual Reports from Downloaded Content

Downloading via SSH

This is a rsync command over SSH, downloading updated files from my remote server in Kansas City, USA.

sent 134376 bytes  received 116108585 bytes  198875.90 bytes/sec
total size is 131183294  speedup is 1.13

According to Google, 198,876 bytes per second is just about 1.5Mb/s!

Downloading via HTTP

Now, let us see how downloading a file over HTTP is going to fare next. I’m going to download an 11MB GeoIP database file from Maxmind in the US, and to eliminate the possibility of my laptop being faulty, I am going to use the desktop PC to run this command. Here is the report at the end:

Saving to: “GeoLiteCity.dat.gz”

100%[======================================>] 11,588,517  39.6K/s   in 4m 26s  

2013-06-24 23:17:39 (42.5 KB/s) - “GeoLiteCity.dat.gz” saved [11588517/11588517]

I am at a loss for words! I cannot believe that my new high speed 10Mb/s broadband connection just downloaded that file at the rate of just 43 KB per second!

How many KB are in 10 Mb?
10 Mb = 1,280 KB.

Whoa! 43 KB is not even 10% of 1,280 KB!

With my old 1Mb/s Streamyx connection, I used to download the same file at a rate above 100 KB per second regularly.

Just to be sure it is not the case of a congested remote server, I downloaded the WordPress installation archive file as well, and here is the report.

Saving to: “latest.tar.gz”

100%[======================================>] 4,988,077   80.0K/s   in 1m 41s  

2013-06-24 23:30:32 (48.0 KB/s) - “latest.tar.gz” saved [4988077/4988077]

Again, ridiculously slow at just 48 KB per second! 🙁

Two different PCs and downloading files from 2 different remote servers returning similar (poor) results. I think it’s safe now to assume that this a problem that only Astro can fix.

Finally, in case you’re wondering if I am some random unfortunate poor sap who is simply unlucky with his Maxis Home Fibre high-speed broadband connection, please look at the fast-growing number of complaints about slow Internet connections on Maxis’ public forum.

Maxis is Astro’s B.yond IPTV Internet provider/partner.

If you’re considering a move from Unifi to Maxis right now, I just have one word for you: DON’T!

I hope this little review helps you with your research into Astro B.yond IPTV and Maxis Home Fibre Internet.

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Yes, I concur with you. Was using streamyx before, and I did not have this problem. 4 mb line and I still get the stated speed. But with this 10mb, I am only getting 100kbs for newserver. Unfortunately I signed a two year contract. Just want to get out of it. Feel cheated, why give 10mbs service if you can’t download. I am using astro broadband.

This is crap, should not be surprised as its also the same as maxis, which I also got out of.

People please don’t subscribe to astro until you find out more from consumers. Please hear from others, not just me if you don’t believe.

Just want to share my experience with Astro IPTV/Maxis fiber so that it will not happen to others..

In my home area all fiber infrastructure belongs to TM, up to the BTU box dalam rumah customer. When we change to IPTV, Maxis will be using the same BTU box for their channel. Once you moved to IPTV, your Astro decoder no longer accept signal from dish, it will come from fiber.

Imagine if the TM BTU box rosak, who do you want to call? Kalau you call TM, diaorg akan cakap you are not their customer and they are not responsible to change the device. Kalau you call Astro, diaorg akan cakap BTU box tu belongs to TM and the cannot replace it for you. What they will do is to log a request to TM to come to your house and swap the device. Then boleh agak sendiri la macamana response time dari TM since we are not their client..

That is what happen to me.. from saturday last week until today TM tak come back to Astro yet on the date (only date, bukan utk datang tukar device) when they are available to come.

I am now literally fighting back with Astro to convert my decoder back to dish.. so still menunggu sampai bila Astro boleh solve my issue..

Dear Syazlan,

Here is what I suggest you do: write down your complaint in an email to Astro (don’t only call). Keep all details of your trouble and your emails. When all is fixed, submit a claim for full rebate for the month. I know this does not compensate adequately what you really lost but at least it is something – better than nothing!

Install this iptv service three months ago. Now, since mid october the service down every weekend. Firstbtime down for four days and had to shout at their service centre to get it fix. Last week, down for half a day. Today service down since early morning, still no sign of it being resolved. Very stressful n not worth the price one pay. No sports again this weekend.
I do not recommend anyone to subscribe to this service.

Check ur btu modem whether is a link.. 2nd I don’t trust on maxis wifi rother because it only able to work with minimal content

I subscribed to the ASTRO IPTV switching from MAXIS fiber optic internet and regular Astro. My troubles started with no end. I cannot switch channels more than 5 times at a go. The system will hang. I have to then shut down everything and reset the system. This ridiculous process has been going on since June. Every time I call Astro they will guide me to reset which I now can perform with my eyes closed. The Internet is not fantastic either. Very slow at times and hanging too. With the previous Maxis system I never had any problems. Now its a nightmare to watch TV. I believe we need to take a class action against ASTRO.
For those thinking of subscribing to ASTRO IPTV please don’t. You will regret just like me and all the others who have been fooled into this joke of a service.


Yes, I’m afraid that’s true – when the Internet is down, for any reason at all, all my Astro channels disappeared too. All, except channel 180.

This despite the fact that Astro installer-guy telling me that mine is a ‘hybrid configuration’ of the installation. When I pressed for more details, the installer-guy told me that ‘hybrid’ here means the decoder will use both, the Internet and the satellite dish, to get the streams. However, when I lost my Internet connection recently, I lost all Astro channels too.

Since June 2013, my Astro-supplied Internet has been down (for more than an hour) just once.

Unfortunately my home area at sec 9 shah alam is Maxis area, they ‘bought’ the whole housing area. Other provider cannot ‘enter’ the area even unifi.. Bad luck huhhh


I was offered a very good deal to convert from unifi service to astro broadband/iptv thingy. Deal sounded good but luckily I came across this website prior to agreeing to it. I have declined whilst mentioning all of your problems/issues (though not specifically, since I could not remember the details) with regards to the poor service provision and mentioned to the ASTRO promoter to bring this up to the ‘upper levels’ to be addressed. I don’t know if it will be of help to any of you, but I hope it will at least let them know that ‘misleading customers’ is a very bad practice.

This is an age of IT, bad reviews will affect the business.


You saved yourself a lot of grief!

It is now slightly over 6 months since my first report, and despite my repeated emails Astro has not replied even once. They will always call you to ask you the same question over and over again but they will not dare put anything down in writing. Meanwhile, their Internet service continues to suck!

My advise to anyone reading this even today (January 2014): STAY AWAY from Astro IPTV with Maxis Home Fibre. Their service is terrible and their tech support is even worse!

I do not have Astro IPTV, but I do have Maxis Fiber. Based on my 1.5 years of experience of using it, yes, in the initial few months there were some connection problems. But in the end I was finally able to resolve them and then onwards the Internet worked flawlessly. I don’t think I suffered any slow Internet speed so far since then. Proof is that I am able to stream Hulu Plus and Netflix in HD. If I’m not getting 10 Mbps, I’m pretty sure I won’t get HD on Netflix & Hulu Plus.

I have been using Streamyx services on two different locations Penang island and the opposite mainland. Guess what services down not uncommon, and sometimes it took around two weeks for the TM vendors to fix the issues. It happened once that the service was somehow terminated because the vendor claimed I switched to UniFi without my approval.

My experience tells me the service response and quality from TM vendors are lousy even I’m a Streamyx customer. Tying all Malaysia fiber broadband services infrastructure to TM is the worst idea in the world, perhaps Astro cannot solve the last mile connection issue if TM has not even rectified the issue of lousy services from the vendor rendered to its own customers.

I prefer to see the HSBB infrastructure co-owned and co-maintained by all ISP with qualified vendors thru proper vendor selection process. The current policy by government and TM is the culprit of lousy broadband services to end customers regardless whether you’re TM customers or not.

Dear Bo,

Although everything you said is also true, I think you have missed the point of this story. I just wanted to share with others how bad the Internet service provided by Astro/Maxis really is. If we start making comparisons, we will all be here doing nothing much else but tell each our many ‘horror’ stories.

Since we’re comparing…. 😀

Now that I have personally experienced the support and service provided by both TM and Astro/Maxis, I can boldly say that at least TM would not ignore my complaints. Meanwhile, Astro/Maxis would call you a couple of times (after your complaint), ask you the same silly, stupid questions, and then simply ignore you, hoping that you will finally give up, forget, and move on with your life.


I’m with Maxis with Astro Beyond IPTV but I’m unable to pickup wifi on the second floor of my unit. Any suggestions on a solution? Would Astro be able to help with this or will I need to purchase some more hardware?

Note: I’m far from an IT guru!!



You should probably try to get their (astro) help (first), although I am pretty sure they will give you the usual run-around.

If you go your own way (find your own solution):

The first thing you should try is move the gateway to a better, central location in your house, if possible. Better placement may solve all your problems. The second option is obviously going to incur some cost. Expect to buy one other piece of hardware at least – a powerline adapter, a WiFi extender (repeater, booster) or some such thing. Get some geeky friend or relative to help you along the way. Get more than one opinion, obviously.

If you have no choice, of course, don’t deprive yourself of high-speed broadband, even if it means getting the one from Maxis/Astro. Just don’t delude yourself that you’re getting the best deal.

In case anyone else is still looking to decide between Unifi and Astro, I still say the high-speed broadband service provided by Maxis (for Astro) is very poor (February 2014). For now, the better option is still Unifi.

I am still not giving up on SKMM to help me get some sort of compensation from them (Astro) for their horrible Internet service since June 2013.

Why oh why did i not found this page earlier. They planning to come to see n install this 17 jan 1.5 months later after i registered. If i do not want to subcribe still can or not? But i have already given my cc no for auto debit pftttttt…a friend recommend this iptv…arghhhh nooooo!

I am so thankful that i decided to read all the comments posted here re unifi vs astro iptv services. I was just about to switch from unifi to astro.. Now i know better! Thank you to all of you who helped me decide with your feedback and comments.

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