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Create a Custom URL for your Youtube channel

J de Silva explains how he created a custom URL to his Youtube channel using the domain name.

Today, I am going to show you how I created a custom URL for our GIDBlog Youtube channel using our own domain name.

As you may already know, Google/Youtube has put in place very precise requirements for you to even have a Custom URL for your Youtube channel. To be eligible, you need to fulfill the following 4 requirements:

  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Be at least 30 days old (the channel, not you 😂)
  • Have an uploaded photo as a channel icon
  • Have uploaded channel art

Since we have just created GIDBlog’s Youtube channel less than 2 months ago, we certainly do not have the 100 or more subscribers requirement today, at least not yet. So, no Custom URL for us yet!

However, since is already a nice, short domain name, and I control it completely, I realised that I can use it to create a short URL to our GIDBlog Youtube channel while we wait for the Youtube Custom URL option to become available (for our channel).

The Short URL to GIDBlog’s Youtube channel

We decided on That will be the short and easy-to-remember URL to our GIDBlog Youtube channel.

Create a short URL with Apache Module mod_alias

Using the Redirect directive is running on an Apache web server and I will use the very simple Redirect directive (made available by the Apache Module mod_alias) to handle the short URL redirect from to our GIDBlog Youtube channel’s real URL, which is

The mod_alias Apache Module is a base module and loaded by default – so, no need to check if it is loaded by Apache.

I edit my Apache virtualhost configuration file for the domain and insert the following line (see line 5):

<VirtualHost *:80>
    # Handle redirects first, if any.
    Redirect "/yt"  ""

Save and close the file, and reload the running Apache web server.

Now, when anyone types in their browser window and hits ENTER, they end up in our GIDBlog Youtube channel!

Try it!

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