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FeiyuTech G6Max

Rexcel reviews her first gimbal, the excellent FeiyuTech G6Max.

We got our first gimbal 2 days ago – a brand new one from FeiyuTech.

The FeiyuTech G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is an amazing gimbal just recently released, exactly 2 months ago, on December 10th, 2019, according to one Facebook post.

When we were looking to buy our first gimbal for our mirrorless cameras here in Metro Manila, Philippines, we scoured the Internet researching all kinds of gimbals and ended up with a shortlist of only 2 – both made by FeiyuTech: the G6Max and the older FeiyuTech G6 Plus.

FeiyuTech G6Max

In the end, we picked the G6Max even though it is the pricier one. Not only because it is the newer model but also because it can handle a heavier camera with its 1.2kg payload capacity (400g more than the G6Plus).

Since the heaviest cameras we have are mirrorless cameras, 1.2kg is plenty enough.


We got a good price, we think.

We bought the gimbal online here in Manila and we paid slightly over ₱13,500 for the G6Max, including shipping charges.

Considering the G6Max was only launched 2 months ago and costing only about ₱2,000 more than what the older G6Plus was being sold for at the same store, we knew that it was a bargain.

The suggested retail price of ₱14,990 was listed somewhere for the G6Max.

A total of 9 parts are in the box of the G6Max.

What we like about the G6Max

We just received the gimbal a few days ago so we are not yet familiar with even half the things this gimbal can do. But right off the bat, here are 3 things we already like about the G6Max.

1. Just like the G6Plus, the G6Max is compatible with 4 types of cameras i.e. Mirrorless Cameras, Smartphones, Sports Cameras and Compact Cameras. Since this is our first gimbal and we don’t really know what we want yet, we decided an “all-in-one” type of gimbal is what we should try first. For this reason alone the G6Max suits our purpose very nicely.

2. Even though the G6Max can handle a larger payload, it is actually a smaller gimbal than the G6Plus. So carrying it around is going to be easier than the G6Plus.

If we are comparing just the weight: the G6Max is 665g, G6Plus is 663g (without the battery).

3. The G6Max comes complete with 9 functional shooting modes (4 more than the G6Plus) including:

  • All following mode
  • Inception mode
  • Hunting mode
  • Vertical shooting mode
  • Motion time-lapse
  • Self-timer mode
Unboxing the Feiyutech G6Max

What we DON’T like about the G6Max

There are 2 things we already don’t like about the G6Max.

The G6Max storage case

1. The storage “case” is actually just a box made out of (black) Styrofoam which also just folds into place with really nothing else to keep it closed securely. The storage case for the G6Plus on the other hand, was a much nicer one with a convenient zipper and all.

2. The battery is built-in i.e. not removable, sealed inside the G6Max and not like the battery on the G6Plus, which is removable and replaceable. What happens when the battery inside the G6Max starts to fail or becomes faulty? Only time will tell…


For now, we are pleased with the item and have no regrets buying this gimbal, and we look forward to learning all the things we can do with the FeiyuTech G6Max.

We will keep updating this blog with all the new things we will learn, as usual.

Next Step


The first thing we wanted to do was to learn how to steady the gimbal or balance the camera on the G6Max.

It was not so simple, I must admit, and if not for this video (below) I doubt we would have succeeded at all.

How to balance a camera on the FeiyuTech G6Max

Eventually, we did it by watching that video a few hundred times 😂, and we even managed to produce some random video right after balancing the camera successfully for the very first time:

FeiyuTech has also uploaded and compiled a playlist of various Youtube video tutorials targeting the G6Max here. We are still going through the same playlist over the next few days and weeks.

By Rexcel Ann Sobrevega

When she is not busy writing, Rexcel is often producing videos for her Youtube channel.

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