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Google Pixel 3a

J de Silva reviews his new phone, the Google Pixel 3a.

When Rexcel’s cousin told us that the Google Pixel 3a was on sale in Germany, and asked if I would like her to buy me one, I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up!

After all, she was returning to Manila in just a few days time and I would not have to wait very long for the phone.

Plus, the Google Pixel 3a, with 64GB of storage, was on sale in Germany for only €329, including tax.

After saying yes, I just had to wait a couple of days, and by yesterday, January 5, I held in my hand my very first Google Pixel phone. 🙂

Google Pixel 3a and box

What I like about the Google Pixel 3a?

The first thing I noticed about this phone is the beautiful 5.6″ screen! The Google Pixel 3a boasts a screen resolution of 1080 x 2220 pixels with approximately 441 ppi density. 😍 Love it!

The second obvious thing I noticed about the Pixel 3a is the weight! It’s so light – it really feels like a toy. According to the tech spec page, the Pixel 3a weighs in at just 147 grams.

Google Pixel 3a 3.5 mm earbuds included in box

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (circa 2011), I have only ever bought and used Nexus phones – until they buried the line. From then, until now, I only buy for myself and recommend Android One phones. The reason I stick only to these phones is because they are always updated with the current version of Android and you get security updates regularly, and directly from Google. Buying a Pixel phone now I get the same peace of mind; I know Android (the operating system) on my phone will always be up-to-date and secured.

There are also many other reasons why I like the Google Pixel 3a, but these are just the 3 main things I like about the phone already.

Google Pixel 3a unboxed

Other Key Google Pixel 3a Features

Night Sight. This camera feature gives you photos with rich detail and colour, even in the dark.

All‑day battery. Lasts up to 30 hours. Pixel’s Adaptive Battery learns your favourite apps and reduces power to those you rarely use.

Fast charging. Enjoy up to 7 hours of use on a 15‑minute charge with the included 18W adaptor.

Google Pixel 3a power adapter

Then there is the pièce de résistance:

3 years of updates. Automatic security and Android/OS updates will make sure that your phone is protected against the latest threats.

Quality of the camera

Main/Back Camera

I am very impressed by the camera of this phone. It takes really nice photos and even better videos.

Updated: March 1, 2020

Here is a playlist of 4K videos that were shot with the main/back camera of my Google Pixel 3a.

Sample Videos made with Google Pixel 3a

What I don’t like about the Pixel 3a?

It has only one SIM slot. Really. 🤔

It has no micro-sd (memory) card slot. For me, personally, this is not a big deal since I have various different devices for different uses, and I don’t typically load up my primary phone with non-essential apps and files, but it is definitely a deal breaker if you want to rely on this one device for everything you do (record video, take photos, and engage in social media).


The Google Pixel 3a I bought from Germany comes with a 2-year warranty.

Thank you

Finally, thanks to Shynmar and Roman, for making the effort to go out and buy this phone during the busiest time of the year in Germany and lugging it all the way home to Manila for me.

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