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Hacking Hotmail… NOT!

I bet [Hacking Hotmail passwords] is one of the top search phrases on popular Search Engines.

Sometimes, this search phrase or similar keywords will result in one or two of my pages frequently being included in the results (even before the existence of this page).

What I found on the Net

So to be fair, I will reproduce below what I found on a web page recently on hacking Hotmail passwords (please read the last few paragraphs of this page carefully before doing anything):

Requirements –
Working Hotmail Account

Procedure –
Compose a regular e-mail and send it to the following address: [email protected]
The e-mail should have:
Subject: Forgotten Password
Body: “login failed;hotmail/egi-bin/login/(your accountname)”
“password failed;hotmail/egi-bin/login/(your password)”
“login=(the account to be cracked)”

Explanation –
It is simple. The e-mail your going to send to Microsoft Retreaveal Bot. The provided code will trick the bot and it will make bot think that e-mail is coming from an administrator and it returns the requested pass to the accound that you provided. It has been used in such ways for about a month now, so if you need pass bad do it as fast as you can, because if Microsoft find out about this it will shut this down.


Before you rush to try this useless ‘hack’, ponder this for a moment:

What if I registered a new user account through Hotmail with this username – let’s say, ‘[email protected]’?

And I just changed the (Microsoft Retrieval Bot) email address above, with this one?

I am sure I will be receiving your Hotmail password instead of you getting the password of the account you wanted to hack into in the first place!

So, I hope that now you understand that hacking into Hotmail is nearly impossible… and if it were ever possible, it will definitely not be found on a web page that you will find using a Search Engine.

To view the original web page of this hack, please visit:, I only feel sorry for all those people who already fell for this!

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