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Rexcel struggles to find suitable High-Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent for her washer/dryer in Manila, Philippines.

Recently, we bought a washing machine from LG Philippines and it is a High-Efficiency (HE) front-loading washer-dryer combination machine.

Because it is a HE washer, my partner reminded me that we are not able to use any ol’ laundry detergent with this machine.

LG Philippines

To be absolutely certain, we decided to write to LG Philippines and seek their advice and ask them if it is also possible to get a list of recommended and/or suggested laundry detergents to use with our brand new washer.

This what they confirmed in an email reply to our enquiry:

About your query, we suggest detergents with HE labels and we’re sorry to inform you that we can’t provide you a brand of detergents.

Washing machine manufacturer’s email reply

So it is true, we can only use HE laundry detergent with our washing machine.

Do you know it is almost impossible to find HE laundry detergent in the Philippines today?

If you walk in to any supermarket or grocery store in Manila today, chances are, you will not find even one laundry detergent with the HE label on it! It’s crazy but true…

Laundry Detergent Manufacturers

We also wrote to the 2 largest manufacturers and product sales of laundry detergents in the country and this is what each said in their email replies:



For front loading washing machines, it is recommended to use our Ariel Power gel products, which is specifically formulated for front loading machines. This is designed as medium Suds product. But please be reminded to follow the usage instruction to dose the liquid. And if the wash load is smaller, need to justify the dosing amount lower as well to avoid suds overflow.

Excerpt from P&G’s email reply


In regard to your inquiry, we have Breeze liquid detergent that’s some other front loader machines are using. However, we always advise the user to follow the instruction of the manufacturer’s manual to what type of liquid/ powder detergents to be use in the machine as there are machines that’s requires low suds detergent.

Excerpt from Unilever’s email reply

Notice how both, P&G and Unilever, are very careful to skirt around the fact they do not yet carry/distribute a laundry detergent that has the HE label on it for the Philippines market.

We did find a some HE Laundry Detergents online, and even at the ACE Hardware store in SM Megamall. But they are all, without exception, very expensive! We did not find anything below ₱800 per bottle.

Updated on Mar 15, 2020

After much searching, we found one. Read all about the Powerclean HE Laundry Detergent made in the Philippines!

By Rexcel Ann Sobrevega

When she is not busy writing, Rexcel is often producing videos for her Youtube channel.

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Hi Rexcel, have you considered Pride with low foam formula? Even without the “HE” label, I believe this one is a good choice for front load washers.

We buy our he liquid detergent soap in s&r. Specific brand we use is percil, about php 1,300 for 9L, it last for 3 months for a family of 4. Kirkland is a little bit better i guess but a little expensive. About 200 pesos more expensive than percil. Stay away from the yellow container that has something like oxi in its label. It’s not as good as the other 2. We have not tried tide, it’s a bit expensive.

We’ve been using Charlie’s Soap for HE washers for 6 yrs now, since my child was still on cloth diapers. A 1.2kg tub of laundry powder worth P650 directly from the Phil distributor lasts for 6-8mos with us, a family of 3, the child using using cloth diaper back then. I learned about the soap from a mommy group using modern cloth nappies. You might wanna try it. Charlie’s soap is available in lazada or you may directly contact the distributor’s fb page Charlie biosoap phils.

Oh, and it doesn’t have perfumes, it’s unscented, highly concentrated. A little goes a long way. Clothes come out smelling clean without artificial smells, especially good for us, a family with allergic rhinitis.

I also have LG, a topload washer. I haven’t cleaned the tub for a while. I don’t think i need to. The soap doesnt have suds which gives foul smell in the inner drum. So my machine is still very good after 3yrs 😁

Hi, Rexcel. Have an Electrolux front load washer with vapour refresh. For outdoor and delicate clothes, Perwoll color and white liquid detergent (found in most groceries) are the best choices. For house clothes and soiled fabric (towels, curtains, bed linen, stuff toys, etc) would recommend Nano Power color care (from Shopwise or Rustans) as my best HE and low suds detergent. Just need to be exact on the measurement as they are really concentrated. A box of 2.25kg powder lasts for around six months for family of four plus other machine washable household fabric. They also have liquid form and I use it for prewash. Also add two tablespoons of baking soda per wash as recommended from other laundry forums in other countries. That eliminates the need to use fabric conditioner and good substitute for bleach, too.

Hi! We have a Samsung front load washing machine that is being used for more than 10 years now. We buy our HE detergents from S&R Membership Shopping. We use TIDE HE since P&G products are those that are always in the shelves. If Percil is available then it’s worth to try but stay away from Arm and Hammer (yellow) except if you are going to use their Oxyclean(effective only in high temp) but you still need the other detergent to finish your load for a clean feeling. Lander’s have Tide and Ariel HE versions as well. Two years ago we discovered PRIDE Low Foam formula(blue), not those with scents or anti-bac. The cleaning power is not that good compared to Tide so we need to allocate the more expensive detergent for loads that needs much cleaning. However just last week we encountered an excessive suds problem with a newly opened PRIDE pack which messed up our HE WM and even required me to change a circuit breaker. Luckily gumana ulit sya yesterday after letting the entire installation dry up. Hopefully, it is just a problem with this production batch because a detergent that cost only around PhP100 per kilo is a way cheaper than what we are using for a decade. If anyone will try Pride Low Foam stay away from the batch that expires Jul 2023. I’ll try to buy a diff batch of PRIDE later this week hopefully it’s just a production glitch.

Most of my friends laundryshop owners they are using BONITA Liquid Laundry Detergent from Sabon Factory. You can check facebook account Sabon Factory Main or SF Main for more details. I hope this helps you

Try sabon factory products. We’ve been using this since we opened our first shop. SF liquid laundry detergent is the best choice for me – Tim

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