Introducing GIDCompare

GIDCompare is my first Android application published to the Google Play Store.

GIDCompare is a simple unit cost price calculator. An ideal tool for shopping, especially grocery shopping. Compare packaging sizes and compare prices to find the most value for your money. A shopping price comparison application to help you find the best buys.

The input fields of the application also accept valid math expressions (formulas,) e.g. “500+375” or “2*4.275” or “23*(1-0.25)“.

Download GIDCompare from Google Play Store now.

If you are reading this and you own an Android device, I urge you to install my little Android application and try it out. Please rate it if you like it. If you don’t like it, or if you have ideas for me to improve the application, please leave a message here or contact me via email.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all the senior members of GIDForums, past and present, for inspiring me and teaching me everything I know about programming today. Without these great and generous human-beings, I would not even imagine developing an Android application all by myself.

Special thanks to Mr. Dave Evans – an intelligent man, a generous man, a worthy man. Just reading his forum posts everyday for the last few years turned me, a guy who has never had a day of formal computer training his entire life, into a guy who loves programming and getting good at it! 🙂

Visit the GIDApp Site. Image archive can be found here.

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