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Now you can get the latest 4D Results (for Malaysia) easily here from

This was supposed to be my second Android™ application but I decided to finish developing a simple web site for it first. A web site will always have the widest reach and the largest audience — that is the plain and simple truth about that.

So this is the new plan: Get a simple but fast web site up and running; a web site to quickly display the fresh, daily draw results from Da Ma Cai, Magnum and Sports Toto and have them all up in one place, on one page. For now, I will only focus on these 3 companies. This web site will live here: Bookmark it! 🙂

For now, there is only one version of the daily draw results page, so if you visit this web site with your smartphone today, all you will see is a regular web page. Some time next week, if everything goes as planned, when you visit with your smartphone, any smartphone, you will (hopefully) see a web page optimised for your typical tiny phone screen.

Actually, the mobile version of the web site is ready and done but I still need to run some tests before I enable it for the rest of the world. The ultimate goal of this little project of mine is still an Android application, of course. If I am lucky, there may even be a version for the iPhone!

Right, Harsha? 🙂

I hope you will take a look at my web site, and if you like what you see, please share the site with your family and friends who love nothing more than to check 4D digit number results daily.

Visit 4D by GIDApp every 4D draw day from 7:30 p.m. onwards.

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