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Latest Damacai Results by GIDApp

Just over a month ago today, I quietly launched a mini site for Da Ma Cai results here at Today, I am officially announcing the site to the world!

As usual, the main feature of the site is not only the fast results on draw days but also the optimised design and layout for smartphones and even some feature phones.

Screenshots always help, so here are a few:

Screenshot from an Android phone
Screenshot of from an Android phone.
Screenshot from an iPhone
Screenshot of from an iPhone.
Screenshot from a Nexus 7
Screenshot of from a tablet.

So you see, whether you are looking for the Latest Damacai Results for your iPhone, or the Latest Da Ma Cai results for your shiny, brand new Nexus 7 tablet, all you really need is the Internet, a browser and this one address:

The latest Damacai 1+3D results are usually available here after 7:45 p.m. on draw days.

The newer Damacai 6D Jackpot results though are typically only available much later, at around 8:10 p.m. onwards.

All results are sourced from PMP, the official lottery operator, through their web site:

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