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LG Washing Machine FC1408D4W

Rexcel reviews her brand new washer-dryer model no. FC1408D4W from LG in the Philippines.

On December 27, 2019, I received my very first washing machine! The LG model no. FC1408D4W is a beautiful high-efficiency (HE) washer-dryer that fits very nicely in our condominium here in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

FC1408D4W Key Features

This 8.0/5.0 kg front-loading washing machine comes with Inverter Direct Drive and 6 Motion Technology.

  • Inverter Direct Drive
  • 6 Motion Technology
  • Steam – Allergy Care
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • NFC Tag-On via Smart ThinQ
  • 10-Year Warranty on Motor

What is LG Inverter Direct Drive and 6 Motion Technology?


After much research about the LG FC1408D4W, we decided this was the washing machine for us.

We scoured the internet looking for the best deals for this exact brand and model. The cheapest offers we found were some offers on sites like Lazada, but for nothing less than ₱38,500.

We also looked around the malls nearby (Forum Robinsons and SM Light) but many were offering this machine for well over ₱40,000!

Then one day, we found ourselves inside Anson’s Landmark Makati outlet and we couldn’t believe our eyes when they offered this washing machine to us for only ₱35,000!

Plus, they even threw in a FREE 24-inch LG LED TV to sweeten the deal even more!

A FREE 24″ LG LED TV with the LG FC1408D4W

Anson’s Landmark Makati outlet also agreed to allow us to pay them only upon successful delivery of the item to our home, or COD.

What an amazing deal! We didn’t need to think things over – I just signed the papers and paid ₱340 to cover the delivery charge already.


Anson’s Landmark Makati outlet promised us delivery of the washer-dryer on Friday, December 27, 2019 and delivered the item as promised.

I was expecting delays, due to the holidays around the date of delivery, but I was happy to be proven wrong.

Delivery charge was ₱340 to our place in Mandaluyong City.


We received delivery of the washer-dryer on Friday, December 27, 2019. The installation was scheduled for the next day. Installation took place as scheduled.

Installation of your LG washing machine is typically completed by LG personnel or authorized LG contractors. This is all arranged (should be arranged) by the merchant who sold you the machine.

There are no charges for the installation.

But in our case, our water supply faucet (from the wall) was the wrong kind, according to the LG staff installing our machine, and needed to be replaced. Cost us ₱560.

Wrong faucet

Watch the video below of the post-installation demo by LG personnel (in Tagalog).

LG FC1408D4W Washer-Dryer Post Installation Demo in Tagalog


We got a very good deal from Anson’s Landmark Makati outlet.

We got this gorgeous machine for only ₱35,900 when almost everyone else was selling it for no less than ₱38,500!

See what some others were asking for this same machine:

Below is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT; it is an image of an advertisement.

Screenshot of an advertisement by Abenson on
Priced by SM Appliance Center, SM Megamall.

The final cost breakdown for our washing machine from Anson’s Landmark Makati outlet is as follows:

LG FC1408D4W35,000
Delivery Charge340
Water Outlet Faucet Replacement560

What Meralco said about this machine

Estimated cost per wash and dry with LG FC1408D4W by Meralco PH

My thoughts about the LG FC1408D4W

I have only washed 3 loads since receiving this washing machine, so this review is not exactly a complete review yet. But as time goes by, I will add my thoughts and opinions about the washer-dryer here.

The one thing that strikes me immediately is just how quietly the machine runs. You need absolute quiet at home before you can hear the machine work its magic!

By Rexcel Ann Sobrevega

When she is not busy writing, Rexcel is often producing videos for her Youtube channel.

15 replies on “LG Washing Machine FC1408D4W”

Hi Ms. Rexcel,

I just want to ask if this type of LG model dries the clothes 100%.

We live in a condo and unfortunateoy we dont have a space to hamg the clothes for drying.

Hopento hear from you. Thank you very much. 🙂

Dear Ms. Kim,

Yes, this machine will dry your clothes 100%. After drying, the clothes are so hot that we typically let the machine run (on “Cd”) for a while longer before we finally turn it off and empty the drum off clothes.

What is “Cd?”

A ‘CD’ display message indicates that the combo unit is in cool down mode. This is normal. When the drying cycle is complete, the ‘CD’ message displays. The cool down operation will periodically tumble the load with no heat to rearrange and fluff the clothing to avoid wrinkles for up to 4 hours. The cool down will continue until you either press any of the buttons to remove the clothes, or until 4 hours have passed.

Hi. I’m eyeing for this washer dryer because we also have limited space. Can you pls advise if this is a good buy? How long does it take for one cycle or washing and drying. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

No, the laundry is ready (however, still very hot) as soon as the machine goes into “Cd” cycle. So the time I mentioned above does not include the Cd cycle. You may switch off the machine at any time when the Cd cycle is running. If you do not switch off the machine, then the Cd cycle can run for a maximum of 4 extra hours. What we typically do is let the machine run on the Cd cycle for 30 to 60 mins. just so the clothes are not too hot for us to handle.

I don’t know if 5-6 hours is a long time to wait for clothes to be washed and dried. As Rexcel has already stated, it is our FIRST washer-dryer. Is there something out there that does both in a much shorter time? There are, of course, shorter (faster) cycles in this machine. But we tend to use the wash and dry cycle for a 5 kg load – the most economical cycle, in our opinion.

Your unit has Dry Cycle but the same model (FC1408D4W) in LGs website does not have the Dry cycle. In fact, the website did not say 100% Dry at all. May I ask why your unit seem to have different feature than the one in their website when both are the same model?

You should write to LG PH instead. We are just writing about our own experience with this machine. We are certain about our machine’s dry cycle. We are certain about the model number. We can suggest you download and go through the owner’s manual for the machine, which you can find here: The manual may contain the information you need to know, if this is the right machine for you.


Ask ko lang po sana panu yung provision ng condo nyo sa drain ng washine machine? Sabi kasi sa akin di pwede front load kasi ung drain is nasa sahig.

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