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Mey Lin, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

When we went to SM Megamall yesterday, all we wanted to do was buy an oven, not to have a nice meal.

But when we got hungry and started looking at fast-food outlets just to have a quick bite, we stumbled upon this Chinese restaurant hidden in one far corner of this humongous mall.

As we walked in, we convinced ourselves that we were just going to have a quick meal. Perhaps just share a plate of fried noodles…

Mey Lin menu, SM Megamall

One look at the menu and our stomachs overruled everybody and declared, We are eating EVERYTHING!

What we ate

Sliced Beef with Leeks ₱395

Sliced Beef with Leeks ₱395

We both liked it very much. The beef was tender, still with traces of pink inside, not even over-cooked. The sauce was perfect; so delicious!

I don’t care much for leeks, but my partner, J, loves them. So what I put in his plate, he gobbled up happily. 🙂

Crispy Salted Shrimp ₱395

Crispy Salted Shrimp ₱395

Just by looking at the photo, you know that this was the best dish of our meal!

It was really so nice! We already want to go back to this restaurant just for this dish alone. But, we will resist!

It is fried so crispy that you can eat everything, even the shell.

Kuchay with Black Tokwa ₱320

Kuchay with Black Tokwa ₱320

Kuchay is Chinese Chives in English. Tokwa is Pressed Soybean Curd in English.

Although not in the same league of the other 2 dishes, it was not a bad dish. Perhaps the ratio/mix of tokwa to kuchay was a bit off – too much tokwa; not enough kuchay.

At the end of the meal, all 3 dishes were left unfinished, not because there was anything wrong with them but because the portions are just too big for the both of us; possibly enough for 3-4 people maybe.

Plain Rice ₱50

Between the 2 of us, we ordered 3 bowls of steamed rice.

Where we sat

Table no. 1

We got lucky this time.

We got (what I think is) the best table of the restaurant.

It is the table beside the wall with large hanging mirrors. It is a cosy table fit for 4 but also grand for the 2 of us.

Best Tables

There are these 3 tables by the wall, with big hanging mirrors beside each, that I think are the best tables of the whole outlet.

As you enter the outlet, just turn left and walk up to locate them.

They are table numbers 1, 2, and 3. The can seat up to 4 persons each.

Notice they have a unique set of chairs; different from the chairs of the rest of the tables in the restaurant.

There are also these tables by the (front) glass wall in the outlet that are very nice, but they only fit 2 persons per table.

Tables for 2 by the glass wall
Tables for 2 by the glass wall

I don’t think Mey Lin is the kind of restaurant that you need to have reservations, normally.

The server we asked said we can make reservations and gave us the restaurant’s business card complete with addresses and telephone numbers of all Mey Lin outlets in Manila/Philippines.

He also added that lunch hours are the busiest time of the day for them at the SM Megamall outlet.


The prices are not really cheap in Mey Lin, SM Megamall. But if they continue to prepare and serve delicious food – especially if the ingredients like meat and seafood are also always fresh, then I think the slightly high prices are justified and fair.

Our meal (for 2 persons) cost us ₱1,360 including the 5% Service Charge and 12% VAT.

All prices on the menu are subject to 5% Service Charge but inclusive of 12% VAT.

Tea is free

Complimentary hot Chinese tea

Complimentary hot Chinese tea is served with your meal in Mey Lin, SM Megamall.

Opening Hours

Mey Lin restaurant entrance in SM Megamall

The Mey Lin restaurant in SM Megamall is open everyday, from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Will we go back to Mey Lin, SM Megamall?

… within the next 3 months? Most definitely! 😍

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About Mey Lin, SM Megamall

Entrance – Mey Lin, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


Mey Lin
Upper Ground Level, Mega A
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila

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+63 2 8634 1261

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