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New PCSO 3D Lotto Results launches freshly redesigned web pages for Philippines PCSO 3-Digit Lotto result pages.

Since yesterday, we have brand new result pages for PCSO‘s 3D Lotto game from the Philippines.

New 3D Lotto Links

Short URL:


Previously, all PCSO 3D Lotto results, or Swertres results, as they were known as previously, were available here: And the results were displayed by month i.e. 1 page showed all 3D/Swertres results in a month. Here is one example page, for the month of February 2020.

With the new 3D Lotto result pages, every 1 page will show only the 3 draw results of the day.

3D Lotto Draw Schedule

PCSO 3D Lotto draws happen 3 times a day, everyday. The 3 draws start at 2:00pm, 5:00pm and 9:00pm (Philippines time) daily.

See detailed schedule here.

What’s New?

On these newer pages, however, below the results of the day you will also find tables of statistics calculated from the last 10,000 winning numbers drawn.

3D Lotto Statistics

Statistics table: Even/Odd
Statistics table: Low/High

Stats include: Even and Odd number totals and ratios, Low (000-499) and High (500-999) number totals and ratios, and the Popular Digits ranked from no. 1 to 10. Here is one example page, for March 19, 2020.

Statistics table: Popular Digit

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Lottery Information

Official Name: Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

Official Web Site:

Country: Philippines

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