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Pound x Flatterie, Greenbelt 3, Makati

Rexcel reviews up and coming restaurant Pound x Flatterie in Greenbelt Malls, Metro Manila, Philippines.

For our weekend break this week, we decided to spend the afternoon walking around in the Greenbelt Malls, Makati City.

When it was time for us to eat, we picked Pound x Flatterie, a very attractive-looking restaurant located on the second floor of Greenbelt 3.

Pound x Flatterie Entrance View

What we ate

Chicken Winglets (Sampler) ₱350

Chicken Winglets (Sampler) ₱350

Menu description:
Chicken middle joint coated with either sweet chili sauce with herbs classic buffalo sauce and garlic parmesan sauce

Easily the best dish we ordered. We both liked the ones with classic buffalo sauce, while the ones with sweet chili sauce were too hot (spicy) for me.

Although this item is listed on the menu as an appetizer and we ordered it specifically requesting that it be served first, we got it much later during the meal, after at least one main course item was already half-eaten.

So, service staff were either having a bad day or they seriously lacked training, or even pride in their work.

Generally, the service we received in this restaurant was poor and inattentive. Maybe it was just our bad luck or somebody called in sick at the last moment. There seemed to be just a Manager and one service staff working the room.

Burger Steak Rice ₱200

Burger Steak Rice ₱200

Menu description:
House ground beef patty with garlic rice, peppercorn gravy and a sunny-side up egg

This was what my partner, J, ordered for himself.

He didn’t like it at all and of course, he didn’t even finish half of it.

According to him, the gravy was unexciting, boring even. If they had poured KFC’s famous gravy over the rice, he would not be able to tell the difference.

Roast Beef Rice ₱280

Roast Beef Rice ₱280

Menu description:
US Angus Roast Beef with garlic rice and mushroom gravy

This is what I ordered for myself. I actually enjoyed it very much, probably because I was really hungry by the time the food arrived.

Personally, I would have preferred a bit more flavor — or even a little bit more salt — in the gravy but perhaps that’s just me.

Where we sat

Table with a view of fountain and courtyard.

We got a very nice table, table no. 11, that was just by the glass-wall entrance. We had a very nice view of the courtyard, fountain and all the beautiful people walking outside the restaurant.

Table no. 11

There was a big A/C unit right beside us and it was blowing cold air right at us the whole time. Even the steaming hot-plate dishes that we both ordered were cold by the time we took the 3rd or 4th bite — we are not exaggerating!

Best Tables

If I had to recommend the best tables inside this restaurant, I would recommend the 2 tables with bench seats closest to the glass-wall and entrance.

Table no. 7.

They are table numbers 7 and 11. You will need that information if you want to reserve either one for your next trip to the outlet.

We don’t accept reservations on the weekends, said a service staff.

Partition and circular bar area towards the back of the restaurant

Towards the back of the restaurant, there is a partition and behind that, a circular bar with seats and place settings all around, and an extra table by the wall on each side. Maybe you would want to avoid sitting anywhere here unless you’re just waiting for a better table to become available.


Gorgeous ceiling and lights

For the ambiance, location, and experience alone, we think the price for the food we ordered was adequate and fair.

Our meal (for 2 persons) cost us ₱920.

No service charge. All prices on the menu are inclusive of 12% VAT.

Opening Hours

Pound x Flatterie place setting

The Pound x Flatterie outlet in Greenbelt 3 is open everyday, from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Will we go back to Pound x Flatterie, Greenbelt 3?

… within the next 3 months? No.

… within the next 6 months? No.

… within the next 12 months? No.

… within the next 2 years? No.

About Pound x Flatterie, Greenbelt 3

Pound x Flatterie menu


Pound x Flatterie
Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City
Metro Manila

Google Map


+63 917 638 3688

By Rexcel Ann Sobrevega

When she is not busy writing, Rexcel is often producing videos for her Youtube channel.

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Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s been a while since we went shopping in greenbelt and the last time Pound x Flatterie was still not there. Gonna try it for myself the next time we go there, though.

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