Powerclean’s Ocean Fresh HE Liquid Detergent

Rexcel reviews Powerclean’s Ocean Fresh HE Laundry Detergent found only in the Philippines.

A few days after writing about how difficult it was to find High-Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent for our LG washing machine here in Manila, we actually found a local (Filipino) manufacturer and supplier of HE liquid detergent.

You know what else? Their main office and store is right here in Mandaluyong City, where we are! How convenient!

Powerclean HE Liquid Detergent Ocean Fresh

Powerclean HE Liquid Detergent Ocean Fresh


We found the product when searching online; Powerclean’s web site was one of the top 10 links returned by Google in the search engine result pages locally for [HE laundry detergent].

After one phone call, we found out that their main store is just here, at the other end of Boni Avenue, in Mandaluyong City.

We were excited when we saw that they also delivered!

Is the Express Delivery free?

Further down on the page, they wrote:

A minimum order worth of Php 1,000 of our Powerclean products is needed to get the FREE delivery service in all of the said outlets.

However, our excitement was short-lived:

When we called to order online, they said the minimum amount to order to qualify for free delivery is ₱3,000!

So, either the person handling our call made it all up to avoid having to process our order or they have not updated their web site in recent times.

In the end, we just went to their store in Mandaluyong and purchased one bottle (1 gallon) over the counter.


Powerclean’s HE Liquid Detergent is ₱375 for a 1 gallon bottle. 1 gallon is approximately 3.79 liters.


Considering the laundry detergent manufacturer’s recommended dosage for a 5 kilo load of laundry is 50 ml, that’s approximately enough detergent for almost 76 washes in one 1-gallon bottle. Or, calculated another way, just under ₱5 per wash in laundry detergent costs.

What do we think about Powerclean’s HE Liquid Detergent?

It is not the most sweet-smelling detergent you can find.

But J, my partner, actually prefers laundry that don’t smell like Air Freshener. So, it is a good thing, if you are also someone who prefers your newly washed clothes just smelling clean and not like it was all dipped in Chanel Nᵒ 5 in the end!

Because we never load more than 5 kilos of clothes at a time in our washing machine, we never use more than 50 ml of this detergent per load/wash. That is the recommended dosage taken off the laundry detergent manufacturer’s web site:

Use 50 ml of POWERCLEAN LIQUID DETERGENT for every 4-5 kg wash load.

Do we recommend Powerclean’s HE Liquid Detergent?

Yes, we do! We use it all the time. And we still have so much more left in the bottle despite having bought the product 2 months or so ago.

The price is right, we think. The consumption cost is low.

Plus, it actually does what it is supposed to do – like, clean our clothes.

By the way, we have a lot of white t-shirts that we constantly wear at home like uniform. Also, all our towels (bath, face, kitchen and others) are all white. We have a lot, A LOT, of whites to wash normally! Powerclean’s HE Liquid Detergent manages to keep all our whites, well, white — so, we are happy!

By Rexcel Ann Sobrevega

When she is not busy writing, Rexcel is often producing videos for her Youtube channel.

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Hi Rexcel,

I was browsing the internet for an HE liquid detergent in the Philippines when I saw your post as I am planning to buy an LG HE washer/dryer also. It’s good to know that there is at least one manufacturer of HE liquid detergent here. May I know if you are using any fabric softener with your HE washing machine? If yes, what brand and how much quantity do you load per wash? Thanks.


When we wash a load that contains one or more bath towels, or a load of white cottons, we use Distilled White Vinegar as softener (½ cup per load). With other laundry, we use any ol’ fabric softener, whatever we can find at the Supermarket that’s a deal. We have no preference. We follow the Fabric Softener’s dosage recommendation per load.

Hi! I have an LG washer/dryer combo as well. How do you add white vinegar in your machine? Do you put it in the fabric softener slot?

This is really helpful! 🙂 We’ve just bought an LG Washer/Dryer and was looking for the cheapest HE detergent we could find when I came across your post. 🙂 I checked Powerclean’s website and amazingly, they have a dealer (or branch here in Pque)!!! 🙂 The 1 gallon container’s price went up to 419 na, but still good considering I don’t have to buy 2k-worth of products in one go just for free delivery from Boni hehehe.
Thank you for your post…really helped me a lot! 🙂 God bless

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