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Renewing your Malaysian passport as a tourist

J de Silva discovers that you cannot renew your passport at a Malaysian Embassy or High Commission if you hold a tourist visa.

I went to the Malaysian Embassy here in Manila, Philippines, recently, hoping to get my passport renewed.

At the Malaysian Embassy, I was informed that they are not able to renew my Malaysian passport, if I am just a tourist in the Philippines.

Did you know that? I seriously did not know that. 😲

So, if you are a student, with a student visa, or an employee, with a work visa, or even any other kind of visa, other than a tourist visa, you can renew your Malaysian passport at the embassy.

But, if all you hold is a tourist visa, the Embassy of Malaysia in Manila, will not assist you to renew your passport, and you are expected to return home (to Malaysia) to renew it.

Fortunately, I am nearby, here in Manila, and it is not too inconvenient for me to make that trip to Kuala Lumpur just to renew my passport.

But, what if I was a tourist spending a year or 2 in South America, somewhere in Quito, Ecuador 🇪🇨 (19,680 km from Kuala Lumpur) or Chiclayo, Peru 🇵🇪 (19,572 km from KL)?

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