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Google Pixel 3a

When Rexcel’s cousin told us that the Google Pixel 3a was on sale in Germany, and asked if I would like her to buy me one, I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up!

After all, she was returning to Manila in just a few days time and I would not have to wait very long for the phone.

Plus, the Google Pixel 3a, with 64GB of storage, was on sale in Germany for only €329, including tax.

After saying yes, I just had to wait a couple of days, and by yesterday, January 5, I held in my hand my very first Google Pixel phone. 🙂

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WordPress Plugin for Google AdSense Auto Ads

I will show you how I inserted Google AdSense Auto Ads JavaScript ad code to this web site today.

The Google AdSense Auto Ads ad code is only a single line long, so it was unnecessary to get overly complicated with the plugin or PHP code.

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WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics

I will show you how I inserted Google Analytics tracking code to this web site today.

I chose to write a WordPress plugin to accomplish this task but since I only manage 2 WordPress sites, I didn’t develop it with a lot of bells and whistles.