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Popular Lotto/Toto Numbers

Starting today, every Lotto (also known as Toto in Singapore and Malaysia) result page will include a table listing the most Popular Numbers drawn in the last 1 month from the result draw date.

Here are some quick screenshots (examples) from each Lottery (sorted) by Country.

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New PCSO Lotto Result Pages

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been focusing all my time learning new stuff, adding to, but mostly, I have been fixing what needs fixing on and

Among the numerous items I have fixed, or upgraded, recently are the result pages for the Philippines PCSO Lotto games.

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UK National Lottery Lotto Results

Starting today, you can find The National Lottery’s Lotto results right here on!

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4D Search by Date Optimised for Tablets

Searching 4D draw results by date on 4D by GIDApp is going to be a lot easier soon. Presently, all we have is a regular Calendar Date Picker tool (in Java Script) with which you could submit a date like 2012-09-29 without having to actually type it in yourself.